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with personal travel data.
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  • Leverage on detailed knowledge of individual travel and whereabouts.

Dutch Mobility Dashboard

Average over 4 weeks until augustus 18, 2022

Trendline Dutch modal split over the last 4 weeks

Percentage of journeys making use of a specific travel mode per day

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To capture the 24×7 mobility behaviour of your specific target group. How do these people travel, where do they stay and what activities do they enjoy over time.

Mulitmodal mobility insights

To leverage on our existing large-scale panels to assess and analyse representative travel, transfer, stay and activity trends.

Mobility engagement

To stimulate and incentivise sustainable travel decisions in smart city environments and achieve lasting behavioural change.

Personalisation cabilities

To leverage on contextual and behavioural data to offer hyper-personalised information and loyalty benefit services to your userbase.

Trusted solution partner

To help and support you in achieving your mobility goals with reliable technology, secure way-of-working and proven know-how.


Cost-effective mobility knowledge

We provide you a full-service to collect and manage a detailed data set of the travel behaviour of your target groups. Meet our turn-key all-in-one tracker app SESAMO here

Low sweat app integration model. As white-label mobility service provider we go at length to make the integration with your apps, services or software systems as easy as possible.